How can I sign in with Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter and Google+?

1. Click on Facebook tab, then enter your user name/email and password

  •  Klik di Facebook icon, lalu masukkan nama/email dan kata sandi

2. Click on Yahoo! tab, then enter your email address and password

  • Klik Yahoo! icon, lalu masukkan email dan kata sandi

3. Click on Twitter tab, then enter your username/email address and password

  •  Klik Twitter icon, lalu masukkan user name/email dan kata sandi

4. Click on Google+, then enter your email address and password, click accept

  • Klik Google+, lalu masukkan email address dan kata sandi, klik terima

5. Click on Instagram, then enter your username and password, click login

  •  Klik Instagram, lalu masukkan nama dan kata sandi, klik masuk




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